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Students from Anniston High School who shadowed in our clinic

Educational Partnerships

At The Crawford Clinic we believe in supporting our young future doctors and pharmacists! We collaborate with local high school and college programs in a month long medical mentoring program. Students are allowed to shadow doctors at The Crawford Clinic and follow along at every step of the patient journey, from patient check-ins to live surgeries and follow-up visits. From start to finish students are exposed to every part of the medical process. 

If students express interest in a more specified field in medicine they are paired up with other doctors or nurses in hospitals to give them the necessary experience and exposure. Some high school students shadow in our office until they graduate, and some even decide to continue to come back once in college. 

After this experience, students have opportunities for paid internships at the clinic in areas of research and data collection, and other fields of interest. We partner with many programs in the area!

Students come from Anniston High School,  Jacksonville State University, University of Alabama Birmingham, and Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine Auburn!


If you'd like to apply to shadow someone in our office, please fill out the inquiry form and download the forms below to send to our office once your application has been received.  

Apply to shadow in our office!

Thanks for applying!

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